Our cutting technology partner

Zhejiang Huayue Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known paper cutter manufacturer in China. Through 30 years’ development, the company, has grown into scientific and technological transregional business organization, with its business activities expanding from the original processing into design, research, development, processing, manufacturing, and domestic and foreign sale.

To meet the increasing market demand for our paper cutting machine, Huayue made a large investment in the construction of large-scale paper cutting machine production lines in Ruian and another place, with total more than 40000 square meters.

The Company passed the certification of ISO9001 International Quality Management System and European CE certification. It is also main drafter for China Paper Cutting Machine Security of Standard (the only one of private enterprise within four members).



HPM paper cutters

Cutter technical parameters





  • Modern 15.6-inch widescreen LCD with full touch screen; Siemens PLC management.
  • Eight languages ​​to choose from.
  • The metric system and the British system are two units that show the size of the front of the knife and the size of the back of the knife.
  • Rear gauge position resolution 0.01 mm, closed loop control, positioning error less than 0.01 mm; No need to adjust the location error. Max. the reversing speed is 28 m / min.
  • The program storage capacity is 300 programs. Each program can store 299 items in cutting sizes. The storage memory is a maximum of 40 years.
  • Transfer data via USB to facilitate operator programming and sorting via PC.
  • Equipped with fault diagnosis and unique guards. It can determine the position of the entire position switch and dynamic instantaneous switch failure, making machine maintenance more convenient.
  • The rear gauge is powered by a Panasonic servomotor with four speed levels.
  • Use an Italian oil pump and hydraulic system.
  • The distance can be adjusted using the automatic paper push function.
  • Adjustable time delay for knife activation, accurate and convenient.
  • Uses icons to display simple and user-friendly features.
  • With full automatic cutting function. You can monitor your back and knife movements on the screen.
The series of intelligent paper unloaders automatically detects the size and position of the paper, automatically feeds and removes paper, and allows you to load different types of paper quickly. Finished textured cutting products are automatically transported to the holes in a predetermined position from the workbench to a predetermined base height
Also we offer paper loaders.The smart paper gripper has an automatic gripping function. The red roller can quickly separate the paper from the set height and grab it on the desktop. The entire paper feeding process is accurate, efficient, easy and efficient. The hydraulic lifting system has low maintenance costs and a long service life.

HPM unloader

Unloader parameters

HPM_Stacker_Unloader parameters