Horizon folding stitching binding Press post press and folding machine
Horizon folding stitching binding Press post press and folding machine

HORIZON in Latvia

We are the official representatives of the great company HORIZON in Latvia.Our partner HORIZON offers a very wide range of equipment, which is suitable for both large offset printing houses and digital printing companies. HORIZON equipment provides high quality,fast and convenient work for printing houses. We offer not only equipment, but also installation, spare parts and after-sales service, as well as repair and maintenance if necessary.



Grey Horse LTD 

Company Grey Horse LTD is focused on the Press and postpress machines. Secondly, folding machine and other equipment. In other words, You have a offset printing. You have book binding or folding equipment. They for instance needs to be analyzed, we can do it. You need dismantle it- agin we can do it. Repairing – of course. We have the skilled experts in this field. As a result they will can successfully complete the jobs in short amount of time. We can repair almost any type of offset printing machine. We can repair any other printing house equipment throughout the all Europe. In addition, we have many years of experience in production. We can offer to make the necessary parts for Your equipment according to the drawing or sample. We have many spare parts for many machines. One of the most important stages in book production is offset printing. Example. There is a high chance of damaging the print cylinders, for a variety of reasons. We can repair them with high quality materials and special tools. Our company can make almost everything for Your equipment needs!